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What exactly do you do?


The focus of my work is on small to medium events; providing restaurant quality dining with ingredients prepared in your kitchen.


What do you charge?


Occasions are expressly unique to the client. Quotes are customized to each event and specific details. Pricing varies subject to your menu, number of guests, etc. and typically includes:


  • menu design

  • shopping

  • set-up

  • evaluating necessary supplies and equipment

  • prep and prepare

  • clean up


Who are your clients?


  • Business owners, executives, and managers who entertain and/or desire a more private dining/meeting experience

  • Universities, corporations, and other businesses

  • Clients who travel with a private chef

  • Anyone who entertains or is planning a special event

  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their cooking skills


For general questions please send an email to:

Please contact me via email or phone as listed below for a free consultation or to book your event. 


Marcia Smith
Executive Chef/Epicurator