July 2017

Summer Strudel


I'm finding a nice summer strudel to be the perfect dessert for a few reasons: It uses fresh fruit from your own bounty or your farmer's market. Once you open that phyllo dough, you'd better find a way to use it up fairly soon. We are currently without A/C and it is done in a relatively [...]

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May 2017

A Toast to Cinco de Mayo


Guacamole is probably high on the list of go-tos for any Cinco de Mayo celebration. But the avocado can be an everyday staple on any menu. For a light #deckdinner last evening I wielded my #leftoverachiever wand using a salted rye baguette from Wuollet Bakery and some leftover roasted chicken. I made a simple chicken [...]

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April 2017

Perfect Hard-boiled eggs


Easter in the kitchen can be a devilish time; specifically when it comes to eggs! Here is an easy, no fail, recipe for hard boiling your eggs and a bonus deviled egg recipe (not just for Easter, you know.)   Now you are ready to make devilied eggs; just look at these yolks! [...]

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