Summer Lovin

//Summer Lovin

If you know me at all you know I’m not “summer lovin”…. except for the fresh produce! I do not like heat and/or humidity. I know; crazy for a chef.

So, what do you make for dinner when you have no AC and it’s flirting with 90°?

Something quick!

I went a bit crazy at the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market last weekend and have been trying to use things to make simple and quick meals.

First, I took a nice big ripe, but firm, tomato. I sliced it thick and then mixed up some panko with a bit of fresh grated parm, chopped fresh parsley, a bit of butter, and S/P. On a parchment lined baking sheet (easy clean-up people) I placed my slices and sprinkled them liberally with the panko topping.

I broiled them about 1/3 way down on the rack at high temp just until nicely browned.

Enter ooh’s and ahhh’s

Meanwhile the water is on to boil for the corn. Once boiling I salted the water and tossed in the cobs then covered (to keep the heat in!) Note: I let it boil for about 3 minutes then turned off the heat and left covered.

I heated my cast iron skillet, added a bit of oil and then put my flat-iron on to sear. I only used salt and pepper and a rub of a garlic clove on the filet. Seared on all sides and perfectly temped to mid-rare, I rested it on my cutting board.

My wonderful husband set the table and opened a nice bottle of red wine so all that was left was to plate.

I lightly dressed (EVOO, lemon, S/P) some arugula and fresh basil then topped that with the tomatoes, cut the corn to fit the plate and sliced the filet.

Quick, satifying and delicious, yes!


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