The “Mpossible” task of starting a new business is possible with passion and perseverance. One comes more easily to me than the other.

I have been told that I am persistent; specifically when it comes to something I need or want. However, persevering in the minutiae of an evolving business does not fall into that realm. Let’s call it a necessary evil. But, let’s focus on the passion.

I am passionate and persistent in sourcing local, fresh, seasonal ingredients that inspire my senses and sensibilities (why yes, I do love Jane Austen.) Simply fresh, whole, foods-spices-herbs all draw me to the kitchen. Their aroma, texture, and vibrancy tempt my palate and craft my plate. While we all need food to sustain our existence and most of us appreciate a well-crafted meal, we don’t all share this passion for ingredients and cooking.

It is my desire and my business to bridge that divide. Imagine delicious and creative restaurant quality dining in the comfort of your home. I bring that experience to you. Think of all the possibilities!

  • date night
  • family dinner
  • celebration
  • cocktail party
  • entertaining colleagues and clients
  • cooking instruction/demonstrations

I’m passionate about encouraging and coaching others in entertaining, hosting, and cooking. I’ve frequently stated to friends and family that I cook with love and that it is one of the most important ingredients, because……………………………

“When you love what you do, you can taste it!”™

Why not taste for yourself?


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